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Phoenix, Arizona is facing an almost epidemic substance abuse problem. The close proximity to the border, the sluggish economy, and the proliferation of drugs through Internet markets has made it harder and harder to keep teens and young adults from sliding into addiction. Addiction is a complicated disease. Multiple factors are involved in the individual’s difficulties with drugs or alcohol. Some have genetic ties to addiction, others take drugs or use alcohol as a method of coping with their environment and still more use substances as a self-medication for an underlying disorder that went unnoticed and untreated. Call a Phoenix Drug Rehab AZ today to learn more about your treatment options at (602) 358-2957.

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Regardless of the reason for the addict to begin their journey with drugs and alcohol, he or she eventually will reach a point where they no longer control the use of the drug but the drug controls them and how they use it. All addiction is progressive and the addict will not only continue to use the drug in greater amounts, but he or she will change how they use it, when they use it, and if they combine its use with that of other drugs. For example, people with a painkiller addiction may begin taking Percocet and graduate to Oxycodone to get the same sensation or even to kill the withdrawal symptoms. Once they are addicted to the high of Oxycodone some begin to chew it for quicker release or even snort it to get a quick and intense high. Many heroin users began as people who experimented with painkillers and it became too difficult or too expensive to buy their drug of choice on the black market and they ended up moving on to heroin. If you are in a situation where you woke up without drugs and suddenly feel sick, you must understand that it won’t get any better.

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Getting drugs will only make the problem go away today. You are not dependent upon a substance and it is downhill from here. You will do more drugs. You will increase the dosage. You will graduate to harder drugs. Why? Because all addiction is progressive. You will keep going until you are arrested, you are broke, or you die. When you know better, do better. You know you are dependent, don’t let it keep going. Reach out today to a Drug Rehab in Phoenix AZ. They will be there to answer all your questions about addiction and their treatment programs. Most of their counselors were once in your shoes. They can talk to you about their experience and which program method worked best for them. They will be compassionate, understanding, and honest—all things you need right now.

Drug Rehabs Phoenix AZ offers detoxification from drugs in inpatient environments, intense psycho-social therapies, group counseling, holistic recovery, and appropriate nutritional and recreational activities to help you heal mind, body, and spirit. They have an intense and successful relapse prevention program that helps their patients work through those triggers that lead to cravings and avoid situations which are unhealthy and can lead to relapse. They have a support network available should someone who is in outpatient or even who has left the program altogether needs crisis intervention. They feel their mission is to provide you with all the tools you need, not some of them, but all the tools you will need to live a sober life. If you walk out our doors sober, they want you to have the opportunity to stay that way. If you are considering leaving the world of drugs and alcohol behind you or if you have a loved one in crisis, get help now.

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